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Can you name the islands in the Bionicle universe?

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DescriptionIslandNotable Features
The 'Island of Doom.'Chamber of Truth, Piraka Stronghold, Green Belt
Legendary Matoran refuge.
Home of the Dark Hunter base.Nidhiki Beach, Dark Hunter Fortress
Home island of the Skakdi.
Homeland of Krekka & Sidorak.
Island city ruled by Turaga Dume.Coliseum, Archives, Great Furnace
Desolate realm for injured Matoran workers.Tunnel of Darkness
DescriptionIslandNotable Features
Named after the Great Spirit.Kini Nui, Naho Bay, Mangai Volcano
Volcanic island; Miserix's prison.
Home of the titular spider Rahi.
Base of the Brotherhood of Makuta.Brotherhood of Makuta Fortress
Weapons manufacturing; home of Roodaka.The Mountain
Home of skilled Matoran crafters ('Ghosts').
Base of operations for the Order of Mata Nui.Order of Mata Nui Fortress, Library

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