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Can you name the Doctor Who Monster Invasion Cards - Characters and Gadgets?

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HintCharacter or GadgetPlace of Origin
You will be assimilatedParallel Earth
I demand to know who you are. I DON'T KNOW!Gallifrey
Lots of planets have a north.Gallifrey
Would you like a jelly baby.Gallifrey
Justice is swift.Unknown
Detonate the reality bombSkaro
I'm so hungry.Gallifrey
I will not die! A billion years of Time Lord history riding on our backs.Gallifrey
Isolate them as they perish.Sontar
Activating planetary alignment field.Skaro
The Secret Heart unlocks.Racnoss Empire
Stab the flesh and stop the heart.Rexel 4
My knights in shing armour.Earth
Silence, Doctor, silence will fall.Unknown
Can't you hear it. The drum beat. Louder than ever before.Gallifrey
She's not just living in a parallel world, she's trapped there.Earth
It is returning, and he is returning, and they are returning.OodSphere
God bless the cactusesVinvocci Space
I look good though.Boeshane Peninsular
Unlike you I passed some exams.Earth
They feed off what others leave behind, from their behind.Scorpion Nebula
The NurseEarth
I'd like to see you try that.Messaline
Mr Smith, I need you.Earth
The LegsEarth
Spheres from the futureUtopia
Likes it in the coldTelos
Once you've been threatened by one in a nun's overallUnknown
Their velocity makes the wormhole, then their body makes it safe.Unknown
I think we've forgotten the Christmas tradition that angels have wings.Sto
I mean flippin enormous. Look at its sting.Silfrax Galaxy
The circle must be broken.OodSphere
Molecular Fringe AnimationEarth
HintCharacter or GadgetPlace of Origin
Species ScanUnknown
--- Mighty, ---- Strong, ----- Rock.Unknown
I'm waving at fatAdipose 3
Electronic dog and catEarth
I am a human-dalek. I am your future.Earth
Loves the moonUnknown
Can be defeated with a water pistolPyrovillia
Water always winsMars
I'm not winding you upS.S. Madame de Pompadour
Half human, half smilerStarship UK
Their farts smell like calcium decayRaxacoricofallapatorius
Loneliest creatures in the universeUnknown
Cheap and nasty time traveln/a
I love a funny robotEarth
A new one, thanks dear.Gallifrey
Good at holding informationn/a
'Mr President Sir''s weaponGallifrey
It bleeps when there's stuffEarth
Who'd have sonicGallifrey
Doesn't do woodGallifrey
Fish Fingers and CustardGallifrey
Old man in black and whiteGallifrey
It's bad luck to open an unmbrella indoors.Gallifrey
And the cost was him.The TARDIS
Stetsons are coolGallifrey
Anyone for a game of cricket.Gallifrey
Witty and funGallifrey
Me, Jeff and Albert EinstienGallifrey
You didn't hit the boy.Sardicktown
Likes to swim in lakes.Unknown
There's always a military, isn't there.Earth
Probably got duffed up by the locals.Parallel Earth
Bow tie, I'm not convinced.None
Feeds on chaosUnknown
Do you want me to repeat the question?Earth
HintCharacter or GadgetPlace of Origin
You're Scottish, fry something.Earth
Mrs. RobinsonEarth
The NoseEarth
I don't recognise your authority at this time.Earth
We've had so many Christmas eves Kazran. I think it's time for Christmas day.Sardicktown
This person you want to marry, black?Earth
You're mister sofa man!Earth
-------, I rather love you.Earth
There's a shark in my bedroom!Sardicktown
I can see the colours.Earth
Only other way we'ed know if we'ed had an encounterEarth
Basically, I rule.Starship UK
You haven't been here for a long, long time.Earth
I'm sending my best people.Earth
Graske make me stamp my feetGriffoth
I just want to be freeGriffoth
Are you my mummy?Earth
Can take over other peoples bodiesNo longer exists
Live undergroundEarth
No, they're very old people.Unknown
Fish from spaceSaturnyne
Part of the Pandorica Alliance and in TorchwoodUnknown
The Loch Ness MonstersZygor
She was trying to eat you. She was hungry.Sardicktown
It's just a lot of wavy lines.Gallifrey
It is our past, and our future.Skaro
Don't mess with me sweetheart!Earth
I thought you were just a stupid present from a 2 headed godmotherGallifrey
Can be used to shoot and engraveUnknown
You used nontechnological technology of LammasteenEarth
Weapon of underground dwellersEarth
Where the Sontarans breedSontar

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