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Can you name the Holidays celebrated on the show SpongeBob?

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♪People seem a little more brotherly!♪********* Who?
'Look, it’s the haunted mattress!'Scaredy Pants
'What did you do to my drink?!...SpongeBob: You asked for a couple of ice cubes in your drink, and I only put in one!' ***** in *****
'I got a pack of chocolate-eating scallops trying to rustle the balloon!'*********'* ***, Breath of Fresh Squidward
'Hinga-dinga-durgen!'Bubble Buddy
'You took my only food, now I’m going to starve.'Life of Crime
Squidward uses this day to keep SpongeBob away from his house when a relator visits.******** ***
Tom's Toolery was closed in observance of this day.Overbooked
'I wasn’t sure how big to make the hole for the head, so I used a watermelon for size.'Dying for Pie
Bikini Bottom Zoo holidayThe Smoking Peanut
'First we build a giant wooden effigy of you, then we burn it to the ground.'Gone
'No silly! That’s on the 15th!'Employee of the Month
'Hey, a note! Yeah, but turn it over, there's a letter! SpongeBob: You're right! Patrick: And, I got this message from my parents!' I'm with Stupid
'Aww, don't be so hard on yourself, SpongeBob. I love my gift. In fact, I'll go play with it right now. Come on, Robo.' The Gift of Gum
'Order up Squidward! I'll bet you're wondering why I'm not using my ***** today.'The Clash of Triton

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