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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to these Rocket Power questions?

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Restaurant owned by Ray and Tito?
Place Conroy Blanc oversees/manages? (not school related)
Sam Dullard's nickname?
Impossible trick Otto performed at home with the help of a tennis ball and lawnmower?
Eddie Valentine is 'Prince of the ________'
A crony of Lars other than Pi? (two possible answers)
Big wave surfer who tells Otto not to 'write a check his tush can't cash?'
In Otto's luge nightmare Reggie repeatedly says, 'You can take a ________'
Raymundo's response to 'Is a fish taco shapped like a fish?'
What the customer from the previous question actually orders?
Lars: ''Later.....____!'' (four letters)
Tourists are called?
Before Mackenzie is separated from her parents her dad says, 'I know how to eat _____'
Illness that gives the kids funny voices?
Food that Twister and Sam eat at the country club that makes them want to hurl?
Newly paved street known for its steepness and a venue for head-to-head single elimination racing?
Mr. Stimpleton's middle name?
What Oliver and the other engineers build at the sandcastle contest?
'PowerGirl _______'

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