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Can you name the answers to these questions about the episode of SpongeBob SquarePants: Ripped Pants?

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Narrator: Ah, ___ ______. A stinky mud puddle to you and me. But to the inhabitants of Bikini Bottom, a wonderful, stinky mud puddle. (fill in the blank to the quote)
Who is SpongeBob imitating? SpongeBob: Hello SpongeBob. Could you keep it down? I'm trying to be boring.
This character's opening line: Hey Sandy. Hey SpongeBob. (name the character)
What is SpongeBob asking to borrow when he says, 'Could I borrow a couple of these?'
SpongeBob rips his pants for the second time during what beach activity?
SpongeBob gets hit in the face and falls over as a result of what object thrown by Sandy?
Lou Vendor: May I help you? SpongeBob: I'll take a ______ _____. Lou: Uh, we don't have that. SpongeBob: That's okay. I already split my pants! Get it?
Lou Vendor: Tee-hee. Anything else? SpongeBob: How about ______? No thanks, already got one.
Perch Perkins: And here comes Larry, doing his trademark lay-back. There goes Sandy, hanging ten... _______, that is. There goes SpongeBob... ripping his pants again.
Lifeguard: Hey, look! A _________ ___ washed up on the beach. Holy fish paste! It's a guy!
SpongeBob: Come closer. I need... I need... Lifeguard: What do you need? SpongeBob: A ______. Because I ripped my pants!
What word does SpongeBob emphatically write next to 'Pretending to drown'? (he has a notepad in the changing tent)
SpongeBob: AM I THE BIGGEST LOSER ON THE BEACH?! Millie: No, I am. I forgot to put on _________. SpongeBob: Ouch.
Fish: No, I am. I got sand in my ____.
What type of sea creature said, 'No, I'm the biggest loser on the beach. They buried me in the sand and forgot me?'
♪When big Larry came round just to put him down, SpongeBob turned into a _____,
After SpongeBob finished his song, what flies over the stadium with SpongeBob's name on it?
Larry: SpongeBob, that was so righteous. Would you... ____ my _____?
What is the year of the original air date?

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