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Can you name the answers to these questions about the episode of SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton!

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Squidward: 'One Krabby Patty for table ___.' (Fill in the blank)
Squidward: Les quit fooling around, where's my Krabby Patty? SpongeBob: Les hold on a second! And voila! It's under your ____!
SpongeBob: [the patty slithers out the door and heads for the exit] I swear I'm not doing anything. Mr. Krabs! The Krabby Patty is _______!
Mr. Krabs uses what instument to inspect the new character?
This character's opening line: 'Hear me Krabs. When I discover your formula for Krabby Patties, I'll run you out of business.'
Plankton: I went to _______!
What is the name of Plankton's restaurant?
Plankton: I just want to talk. You could say we're friends, right? SpongeBob: Plankton: Acquaintances? SpongeBob: No. Plankton: Well, we're both ____________, aren't we?
Plankton tries to bribe SpongeBob with what type of spatula? (Ignore the fact it has his name on it)
Plankton: And you know what I'd like more than anything in the whole wide world? SpongeBob: a _______ ____?
Plankton periodically uses a ______ ______ to play his music.
The device Plankton embedded into SpongeBob's brain had one labeled button. What two word label did it have?
Plankton: [through SpongeBob to Squidward] Shut your mouth, you _______ clarinet player.
Before showing SpongeBob his laboratory, Plankton shows SpongeBob what type of dog? (Three letters for short)
Seaweed Ingredient One: 50% ___
Seaweed Ingredient Two: 50% ____
Plankton Ingredient One: 1% ____
Plankton Ingredient Two 99% ___ ___
Plankton: Give it back, you porous freak! I command you! My patty! [the doors come to a close] Nooooo! I'll settle for some _____.
Year of the original air date?

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