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Can you name the answers to these questions about the episode of SpongeBob SquarePants: Jellyfishing?

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Narrator: Ah, ze early morning in Bikini Bottom, when the jellyfish are buzzing about and making their jellyfish jelly. Oh, what is happening here? __________? (Fill in the blank)
What do SpongeBob and Patrick hurt their hands on during the action sequence to get their jellyfish nets?
What accessory does SpongeBob put on before he steps outside to jellyfish?
Squidward is holding a red ____ when he opens his door.
SpongeBob: You know, Patrick? It always seems like Squidward never has time for fun. Patrick: Maybe he doesn’t ____ __. SpongeBob: No, are you kidding? We’re his best friends.
What flies into Squidward's mouth?
While waiting for Squidward to come home, SpongeBob looks at a picture of them together. What word is under the picture?
Whose house is Patrick in when SpongeBob calls to tell him about Squidward?
What two words are on the banner in Squidward's house?
SpongeBob says the words on the banner to greet Squidward, but what completely unrelated two word greeting does Patrick say?
What three words does the alphabet soup spell out?
SpongeBob is unsuccessful at playing Squidward's clarinet because his ____ are a little dry.
Where do they take Squidward to jellyfish?
Patrick: ______ _____ __ in your hand. (He then repeats these words two more times before forcing the net through Squidward's hand/tentacle)
SpongeBob: We got you a present! It’s the jellyfish. Patrick: You know, from yesterday! SpongeBob: You’re not still ___, are you? Patrick: Yup, he’s still ___. (same word)
What is the year of the original air date?

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