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Can you name the answers to these questions about the episode of SpongeBob SquarePants: BubbleStand?

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SpongeBob: Ahh, what a wonderful day. The sun is out, the water is shimmering, ________ are chirping. So peaceful. (fill in the blank to the quote)
What instrument is Squidward trying to play while SpongeBob finishes his bubble stand?
What is the price to blow a bubble?
What other service is offered at the bubble stand? (SpongeBob pulls out a small sign for this service)
After Patrick is unable to blow a bubble, SpongeBob says, 'OK, Patrick, it's all in the _________!' (the next few questions will be about how this answer is carried out)
SpongeBob: First go like this, spin around. Stop! ______ ____ three times: one, two three.
SpongeBob: Theeeen ______ ______. Whoooo, whooooooo.
SpongeBob: Stop on your _____ ____, DONT FORGET IT!
SpongeBob: Now it's time to '_____ __ ______ ____'.' _____ __ ______ ____.'(same four words) Then you do this then this, and this... (only enter once)
What bubble animal does SpongeBob have to use two hands to make?
What animal does Patrick think it is?
SpongeBob: We're not just blowing bubbles, we're making bubble ___!
When Squidward first tries to blow a bubble, what sound does the bubble make when it pops on the ground? (think of the MuscleBob BuffPants workout secret)
Squidward: You don't think I created that beautiful work of art with your help? Come on, it's in my _____. SpongeBob and Patrick: Squids got _____! Squids got _____!(all same word)
What episode is shown in the same 30-minute block as BubbleStand? (sister episode) Hint: It is Larry the Lobster's debut episode.
Year of original air date?

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