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Can you name the 62 'The Simpsons' characters given 3 Words?

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'Do'h', Donuts, Protagonist
'Excellent', Power Plant
Vegetarian, Buddhist, Pacifist
Knife, Hair, Evil
Android's Dungeon, Collector
Bowtie, Assistant, Gay
Skateboard, Slingshot, Pranks
Indian, Squishee, Octuplets
Bartender, Shotgun, Depressed
Oddball, Dated Lisa
Alcoholic, Best Friend
Doctor, Lawyer, Felines
Cop, Accepts Bribes
D'Amico, Mafia, Gambling
Housewife, Tall Hair
Veteran, Retirement Castle
Burger, 'Hey Hey'
Religious, Diabetic, Brother
Bribes, Embezzler, Boston
Italian, Chef, Pizza
Lesbian Twin, Smoker
Older Twin, DMV
Officer, Dumb, Quiet
Priest, Trains, Counselor
Neighboreeno, Religious, Mustache
Henchman, Mafia's Doctor
Police Sergeant, Competent
Henchman, Fears Boss
Sugar, Brother, Aggressive
Baby, Pacifier, Bow
T-Shirt Cannon Death
Laughs Inappropriately, Stethascope
Dated Skinner, 'Ha!',
'Ha Ha!', Bully
Disciplinarian, Nervous, Veteran
Groundskeeper, Scottish, Shack
'Skinnerrrrr!', Strict, Honda
Glasses, Bart's Friend
Bus Driver, Guitar
Controls Son, Grouchy
Nerd, Teacher's Pet
Genius, Inventions, 'Glaven!'
'Oh Yeah!', Beer
Second Grade Teacher
Unemployed, Divorced, Deadbeat
Crap Silo, Movie
Criminal, Robs Apu
Helicopter, Reporter, Headset
Billionaire, Dated Marge
Channel Six Anchor
Bodybuilder, Actor, Schwarzenegger
Redneck, Snake Tattoo
Afro, Leisure Suit
Cataracts, Accident Prone
Odd Jobs, Puberty
Bullies' Leader, Beanie
Bully, Long Hair
Beard, Paddle, Retired
Black Friend, Plant
White (Yellow) Friend, Plant
Judge, Banned Sugar
Japanese, Comics Fan

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