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The 1967 St. Louis Cardinals rightfielder, he hit 61 HR in '61
The capital of France
Need these to fix your car
Highlights of every sailor's journey
Facebook is made of 'em
Businesses are always trying to cut them
If it's cold or you're painting, you'll want two of them
You call them yachts, I call them...
Required footwear down in Texas
Rorshach made these his life's work
Groups of people or countries that are connected by a treaty or agreement
To stop someone or something
The 1967 St. Louis Cardinals leftfielder, he had 3023 hits in his Hall of Fame career
A small stream; it may babble
To think anxiously or unhappily about something
An average adult has about 5 liters of this stuff in their body
The 1967 St. Louis Cardinals centerfielder, he is even better known for his challenge to baseball's reserve clause

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