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Can you name the movies in which actors from the Harry Potter movies appear?

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Short descriptionMovieYear
McGonagall and her niece, Bellatrix Lestrange visit Florence.1985
Among the many love stories, Snape and Trelawney are married, but their marriage is jeopardized by his affair. Scrimgeour is a has-been rock star making a comeback.2003
McGonagall and her lady's maid. Helena Ravenclaw, stay the weekend along with other guests, at Dumbledore's country house, during which he is murdered.2001
Xenophilius Lovegood uses Lupin to smuggle hashish.2010
The witty and sharp tongued Lockhart and Trelawney fall in love, while Umbridge is a maidservant.1993
Wormtail and his associate are old friends of Lockhart and are hired by his uncle to kill him.1996
Mad-Eye, in Voldemort's employment, travels to Belgium with an associate to kill him after he kills Aberforth and a child. While there, the associate falls in love with Fleur.2008
King Dumbledore, is dying, and Bellatrix's husband, the second-in-line for the throne, is urged by Prime Minister Wormtail to take control of his country in war.2010
Wormtail and Snape are murdered in a barber shop located over Bellatrix's pie shop, while young Grindelwald falls in love with Snape's daughter.2007
Hagrid is asked by his sister, Rita Skeeter, to help her cellmate who is being prosecuted for murdering her husband.2006
Gregorovitch is the first person to see the masked vigilante who later works with Sirius Black to take down a mafia boss.2005
Short descriptionMovieYear
Flitwick, using the voice of Snape accompanies a space traveler when they both meet Scrimgeour, the man who designed Norway.2005
Hermione is the wardrobe assistant, and Mrs. Hooch is the acting coach to Lockhart's co-star.2011
A sergeant is sent from London, where his boss was Scrimgeour, to a village where Slughorn and Filch live.2007
Ron witness Scrimgeour killing someone, and is later employed as his assitant.2010
Molly Weasley, an alcoholic actress employs Ron as her companion and helps him escape his conservative upbringing.2006
Arthur Weasley is hired to exterminate Slughorn and his family, and Draco Malfoy.1997
Trelawney and Bellatrix are sisters who inherit a big house in the countryside from an elderly friend of Trelawney, whose widowed husband she later marries. 1992
A middle aged English stage actress, whose mentor was Dumbledore, wishes to leave the theatre whose financial backer is Pomona Sprout.2004
Madame Maxime's niece wonders off to a magical land ruled by Queen Bellatrix, and aids the rebels which include Wormtail, Snape and Sir Cadogan, while also meeting Umbridge.2010
Bellatrix is wooed by Voldemort for her fortune, who even attempts to murder her lover with a golden bullet.2005
Poppy Pomfrey, and her daughters (Trelawney, and her two sisters) move to the countryside to a small cottage on Fudge's land. There they meet Col. Snape, and are visited by Umbridg1995

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