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Can you name the answers to these LotR clues beginning with each letter?

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Bilbo takes this jewelA
Bilbo's fatherB
The eagles set them down on thisC
The first dwarf to arrive at Bag EndD
Master of the Last Homely HouseE
One of the DwarvesF
Goblin capitalG
Bag End is hereH
Chapter XIII
He wrote The HobbitJ
One of the DwarvesK
Smaug lives hereL
They go through this forestM
One of the DwarvesN
Thorin's swordO
Bilbo begs Gandalf for thisP
Chapter VIIQ
Elves live in this valleyR
Bilbo's swordS
One of the TrollsT
The Party at the Beginning is ThisU
Fili and Kili play these (same instrument really)V
One of the TrollsW
None of the dwarves play thisX
Thorin's stockings are this colorY
This describes the path into the answer for RZ

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