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Can you name the games from the things in them*?

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pawns, knights, king
submarine, destroyer, red and white pegs
16 cubes, timer, pencil & paper
board, guess pegs, clue/answer pegs
three contestants, buzzers, daily double
black stones, white stones, board
guns, large outdoor area, colored ammunition
168 cards, rules, box
marbles, chalk, road
beam sword, mario, smashball
wheelbarrow, deeds, hotel
artillery, tanks, IPCs
letter die, timer, paper & pencil
pikachu, jigglypuff, squirtle
playing cards, green and red pegs, board
arm, arm, table
X, O, 3X3 grid
awesome quizzes, computer, timer
enchantments, creatures, planeswalkers
letter tiles, board, tile racks

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