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Can you name the numbers from Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit?

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Of WhatNumber
rings of power, total
towers in second book title
members of fellowship
total members in the Party in the Hobbit (before mirkwood)
days in a month by Hobbit Calendar
Hobbit coming of age
Bilbo's age when Frodo came of age
Old Took's age, at death
Stars+Stones+White Trees
guests at special party
Of WhatNumber
times Bilbo goes down to Smaug
guesses Bilbo gives gollum
handles on the cup of Thror
gollum's teeth
levels of Minas Tirith
hobbits traveling across The Shire at the beginning of LotR
rings for hobbits
times Frodo wears the ring
black riders encountered on the road in the Shire*black riders attacking at Weathertop*black riders attacking at the fords

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