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QUIZ: Can you name the Oblivion facts?

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City removed from game, is a fort. 
Daedric Princes
Nine Divines
Oblivion Undead
Oblivion Daedra
Oblivion Monsters
Oblivion Humanoids
Shivering Isles Humanoids
Shivering Isles Undead
Shivering Isles Daedra
Shivering Isles Monsters
Light Armor
Heavy Armor
Plug In/Downloadable Content
Oblivion Major Factions
Oblivion Minor Factions
Total Obelisks 
Total Oblivion Gates 
Producer of Elder Scrolls Series
Composer for Oblivion
Challenging Questions (Elder Scrolls Related, not Oblivion Specific)
Three Vampire Clans of Morrowind 
# of children of Uriel Septim VII (Including illegitimate children) 
Another name for the Camoran Usurper 
# of Master Level Conjuration Spells (Including Shivering Isles) 
Name of the town that you sabotage for Mephala 
Reward for Completing Hermaeus Mora's Quest 
Approximately how many quests are there in Oblivion (not including Shivering Isles but including quests that can't be completed in journal as well as Knights of the Nine and other Plug in Content) 
Approximately how many quests are there for Shivering Isles, including unremovable quests but excluding those in original Oblivion) 
Creature with most health in the game  
# of Preset Classes (Non Custom Classes) 
What was released upon Tamriel by the Sload? 
All races of mer (extinc and living) 
The Infernal City is also known as... 

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