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The second PG moderator
Lord Apoplexy's real first name
superstarfire33's SMF2F name
Initials of SkoplerVision's series
Number of times Orangetack's name was changed in 2014
GameWarrior's last level of 2014
brendant98's site
Extremely difficult style of level, based on a SMW hack
Site used to upload SMF videos (duh)
PG level posting character limit
Lariosonic's series
Fake rater pretending to be 09dhowell
Lord J's original username
What forum is for spam levels?
Zidane's famous hack
What word, used in one of 09's levels, means 'beautiful to look at'?
Poemba take a...
Oomphalapompatronium's first hold level
SMWR2 level that was in goods for a few minutes
Teije's series
What is Q12546wer22's name shortened to?
Name of the best custom background badge
SMF2 hack BrokenAce updated in 2014
Bowserbutt's Luigi Series
Level Pouetpu rated in December
Most voted level on PG (accurate during 2014)
BrokenAce's deleted series
Yurippie Yuri's original username
Teije's level clan
The country przem lives in
Designed to help new users
How many levels before Intensive Rating starts
BMenSD's position on SMF2F
What Pouetpu removed from the site in December
First hold right of 2014
OT, ZM, LS and LA are...
What Jamie and Tom drink
ZidaneZ's tag series
The month that PG was plagued by glitches
What the review character limit used to be
War Machine's level series
Who's friends with Jamie and Tom?
Code-edit number for a mushroom in SMF2
Orangetack's real surname
Site PG users use to chat
How many levels did BrokenAce post in 2014?
Best Classic Level Maker Winner
The special day on which 7SMB7 posted a new video after over a year (GMT)
Hardest to use autoscroll

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