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CluesCompanyStock Symbol
stock symbol is PFE
chemical company founded as gunpowder mill
founded by Stanford University electrical engineers
'Big Blue'
f/k/a Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company
headquartered in Peoria, Illinois
food and beverage giant
sponsors golf tournament f/k/a the Greater Hartford Open
former owner of Boston Market and Chipotle
gave us Donald, Huey, and Minnie
replaced GM in DJIA in June 2009
oil and gas company
makes and sells Tylenol
makes and sells Tide, Pampers, and Pringles, among other things
CluesCompanyStock Symbol
made an objective marketing blunder on April 23, 1985
stock symbol is UTX
Bell Atlantic + GTE =
Paul Allen was a co-founder
makes and sells Vioxx, among other things
stock symbol is AA
Chem Bank + WAMU + Guaranty Trust of New York + others =
credit card and financial services company
stock symbol is T
computer chip manufacturer
founded by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank, among others
aerospace and defense company
formerly Standard Oil (and oldest member of DJIA)
world's largest corporation, per 2009 Forbes
headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas

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