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''The only reason I got into movies was because I had no music talent.''
''Golf courses sell real estate and that's why they're built.''
''Oh, here he comes now, the May West of pro-wrestling.''
'''My father was a milkman, so I delivered milk.''
''I feel like I'm an actress who sings a bit''
''Be true to your teeth and they won't be false to you.''
''There were five writers on blazing saddles''
''If you could choose one characteristic that could get you through life, choose a sense of humor.''
''The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work.''
''I do sarcasm really poorly.''
''Broken!, Busted! Everybody has something to repair. Before buying new, let Mighty Putty fix it for you.''
''Nobody puts baby in the corner''
''Everything has positive and negative consequences.''
''I used to listen to the radio, and when I was about 18 years old, B. B. King was a disk jockey and he had a radio program, 15 minutes a day, over in West Memphis, Arkansas...''
''My successes have certainly not been without problems. During the 1970s I experienced a terribly low and painful time of dealing with alcoholism...I thank God''
''Your head's so far up your arse you can smell your own ****.''
''Do it well, finish it properly, and move on.''
''My steamer trunk was packed to go, ... when my sister told me about a friend of hers in New York, a former center at Michigan who was coaching the centers at Yale.'
''Come now, Mr. Peterson, you were in my basement. Surely, you looked in the furnace.''
''Questions are a burdon to others; answers are a prison for oneself.''
''We are giving assurance to the American familys that help is on the way.''
''And that's the way it is.''
''It's ridiculous that there is such a thing as prejudice. People are frightened of something different.''
''We still have a long way to go, but I'm enfused about our offense.''
''I'm more interested in writing than in performing.''
''A film is a director's vision... there is, however, much input an actor or actress can have.''
''I plan to die at my desk.''
''Artists speak the truth to the public without fear of retribution or damage to their careers.''
''Because we should always respect other nationalities, I have always tried to play them with dignity.''
''If you cannot be the poet, be the poem.''
''When your values are clear to you, making desicions become easier.''

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