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In which country was the first winter olympics arranged?General
And which year did it happend (year)?General
How many circles are there in the olympic badge?General
What are these circles representing?General
What are the name of the olympic games for the disabled?General
Who is the current president of the IOC?General
And when was the IOC formed (year)?General
How many winter olympics have been arranged (before the Vancouver games)?General
In which month of the year does the winter olympics usually find place?General
How many winter olympics have been located in the USA?General
Who won the 4x10 pursuit for men in Lillehammer in 1994?Cross Country
Who won the 30 km for men in the same olympics?Cross Country
How many italians finished in the top 8 in the 30 km for men in Nagano in 1998?Cross Country
...And who won?Cross Country
The swede Thomas Wassberg won the 15 km for men in the 1980 winter olympics in Lake Placid by 1/100 second. Who finished second?Cross Country
Which norwegian won eight gold medals between 1992 and 1998?Cross Country
The gold winner and the silver winner at the 50 km in Innsbruck in 1964 both came from the same country. Which one?Cross Country
Oslo hosted the games in 1952, and all the medal winners at the 10 km for women came from the same country. Which one?Cross Country
Which country gained the most medals in cross country for women in the 1998 winter olympics in Nagano, Japan?Cross Country
Who won both the 10 km and the 15 km for women in the 2006 winter olympics in Turin, Italy?Cross Country
Hilde G. Pedersen won a bronze medal in 2006. How old was she then?Cross Country
Who won the silver medal in the womens team sprint in 2006?Cross Country
Which country did Johann Mühlegg represent in the 1992 and 1994 winter olympics?Cross Country
Which country did Johann Mühlegg represent in the 2002 winter olympics, where he won numerous medals who later was taken from him because of doping?Cross Country
Which biathlete took part in Germanys' 4x5 relay in Nagano in 1998?Cross Country
Which country did Vladimir Smirnov represent?Cross Country
Which norwegian finished 3rd and won the bronze medal in the 30 km for men in 2002, claiming the medal to be 'by Gods grace, to Gods honor'?Cross Country
Hoffmann and Botvinov won gold and silver in that race. For which country?Cross Country
Maurilio de Zolt from Italy took part at Lillehammer in 1994. How old was he?Cross Country
Who finished last of the 16 teams in the 4x10 relay for men in 1992?Cross Country
Who was the only participant in the 1968 winter olympics in Grenoble who won a medal both in the normal and the large hill?Ski Jumping
Which german won gold medals in both 1984 and 1994?Ski Jumping
Espen Bredesen won in the normal hill in 1994. A fellow norwegian finished second. Who?Ski Jumping
Japan won the team K120 competition at home in Nagano in 1998. The team consisted of: Okabe, Saito, Harada and...?Ski Jumping
Suprisingly, this 21 year old swiss athlete won both individual competitions in Salt Lake City in 2002?Ski Jumping
Germany won the team K120 in the same olympics. The team consisted of: Hannawald, Hocke, Uhrmann and...?Ski Jumping
By how many points did they beat Finland?Ski Jumping
Only three different nations won medals in ski jumping in Turin in 2006. This was Austria, Finland and...?Ski Jumping
Which legend won a bronze medal in the large hill at Lillehammer in 1994?Ski Jumping
Which country did Eddie the Eagle represent?Ski Jumping
Frank-Peter Roetsch won both individual biathlon competitions in the 1988 winter olympics in Calgary, representing which country?Biathlon
But who won the 4x7.5 relay in the same olympics?Biathlon
How many medals did Norway win in biathlon at home in the 1994 olympics at Lillehammer?Biathlon
Martina Beck was formerly known as Martina...?Biathlon
Which bulgarian biathlete won a suprisingly gold medal in the 15 km for women in 1998?Biathlon
Nordic combined athlete Todd Lodwick is representing...?Other
Canada failed to win the ice hockey tournament in 1994. Who won the final?Other
Who won the bronze medal in curling in 2002?Other
All the three medal winners in the mens halfpipe in 2002 were representing the same country. Which one?Other
Bode Miller failed to win any gold medals in Salt Lake City in 2002, but how many silver medals did he collect?Other

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