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Can you name the names and things that begin with an E?

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Who was the king of rock and roll?
What kind of mail do computers send to eachother?
Which baltic country is the cross country skier Andrus Veerpalus' home?
Which ship sank in the Baltic Sea in 1994, claiming 852 lives?
Everything begins with an...?
Which swedish popband had a great hit with 'Angels Crying'?
Which of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom has the largest population?
His actual name is Marshall Mathers, but he is more often referred to as...?
In Spain, Spain is named...?
Over the last years, many european nations have started using this as their common currency?
What is it called, the gravity driven process that moves solids in the natural environment and deposits them elsewhere?
The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and Röyksopp all belong to this genre of music?
Which german physicist discovered that E = mc2?
What is the basis in an omelette?
American cable sports network?
A single with a couple of B-sides is often referred to as what?
In the movie from 1982, this guy wanted to 'phone home'?
Moral theories in general?
To which country do the Galapagos Island belong?
...and Ivory?
This football club is the rival of Liverpool, and their coach is currently David Moyes?
This ghost town in the former DDR can be translated to 'city of ironworks'?
Which british music company, whose headquarter is located in London, is considered one of the big four?
Brilliant portuguese footballer of the 60s?
What is the name of a tree that has leaves the whole year through?
What is the name of the european mountain flower that is protected in most countries and is the inspiration of a famous song with the same name?
French brand of mineral water?
This german football club play their home matches at Commerzbank-Arena?
'We don't need no...'
This gay singer/songwriter is a keen admirer of Watford FC?

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