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Can you name the faces and voices of NRK (Norwegian National Broadcasting)?

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A jazz-loving veteran who currently is hosting '20 Spørsmål' on radio and tv.Male
Another veteran who was a part of the show 'Borgulfsen' together with the first name in this quiz, before he started making documentaries.Male
The biggest legend of everyone who have ever been in NRK. He was the most know TV-personality in the first years of norwegian TV. Such a warm and friendly personality.Male
The quizmaster of christmas and easter.Male
Comedian from the early days of TV. Long legs and a weird attitude.Male
Everybody in NRK, and norwegian showbiz in general, knows this man.Male
Played 12 seasons for the football team Vålerenga, before he went on to be NRKs correspondent in Belgium and, later on, host for the debating program Redaksjon1.Male
Nice guy with curly hair, often seen as host for the primetime saturday shows at NRK1.Male
Often referred to as 'Tande P'.Male
Host of the talkshow 'Først og Sist' and the new one, where his last name is the title.Male
Former champion of walking races. Is now hosting the show 'Tore på Sporet'.Male
The man who sat in 'Rorbua' for twenty years and had a laugh at all the great tales.Male
The king of 'Da Capo'.Male
The queen of 'Da Capo'.Female
Flexible host of various programs, such as 'Forandring fryder'.Female
Noisy stunt-reporter.Male
Stunt-reporter and Eurosong-commentator, loved and hated.Female
Sarcastic Eurosong-commentator. Full of knowledge.Male
Host of the show 'Store Studio'.Female
Former sidekick of 'Store Studio', now a central figure in the Eurosong. Officially gay.Male
Beautiful lady from the radioshow 'Mamarazzi' and the TV-show 'Løvebakken'.Female
Short little guy who paused his pop-career to make 'Landeplage'.Male
The funny host of 'Nytt på Nytt'.Male
The intelligent part of 'Nytt på Nytt'.Male
The original lady in 'Nytt på Nytt'.Female
Comedian who made 'Hjerte til Hjerte' before she entered 'Nytt på Nytt' on a regular basis.Female
The woman in 'Portveien 2'.Female
TV-host of Moroccan descent.Female
Experienced news presenter.Male
News presenter and debate host.Female
Tough woman known from shows like 'Bokbadet' and 'Det Svakeste Ledd'.Female
The news presenter who once coughed for about a minute when she was on the air.Female
The guy who made 'Typisk Norsk'.Male
A man of various talents. Have been a part of 'Team Antonsen' on tv and the radioshows 'Karakte' and 'XL radio'.Male
The host of 'XL'.Male
Sidekick of 'XL', member of 'Uti Vår Hage' and host of 'Team Antonsen'.Male
Debate host from Redaksjon21.Male
Broke through with 'Lille Lørdag' and moved on with 'Åpen Post', 'Uti Vår Hage', 'Tre Brødre' and 'Team Antonsen'.Male
Same as 39, now in the jury for 'Den Norske Humor'.Male
Legendary commentator of football and skijumping for several decades.Male
Commentator of biathlon and cross-country, passed away in 2008.Male
Same as 42, still going strong.Male
Comedian from 'Trotto Libre' and 'OJ'. Moved to TV2.Male
The K from 'KLM'.Male
The L from 'KLM'.Male
The M from 'KLM'.Male
Sports presenter imitated in 'KLM' as 'Grove Sjølvmål'.Male
Sports presenter with oh so many different hairstyles. Looks younger than she is.Female
Sports presenter who is dating Ailo Gaup.Female
Sports presenter first and foremost know for her spectacular name.Female
Retired RBK-player who is now NRKs football expert.Male
Decent cross-country skier who has been hosting both sporting events and 'Lydverket'. Charming and talented.Female
Former foreign correspondant with a first name as his last name.Male
Part of the duo behind the global Youtube-hit 'Medieval Helpdesk'.Male
See 55. Also host of 'Løvebakken'.Male
Correspondant of Russia and Tsjetsjenia.Male
Correspondant of the Middle East.Male
Host of 'Autofil'. Really annoying.Male
Host of 'Herskapelig'.Male
The host of many radio and tv productions, like '5 På'. Born and raised in Skogn.Male
Weatherman who needs a bigger suit.Male
Weatherman with a nice last name.Male
Lesbian and annoying host of 'Norsk Attraksjon'. Awful accent.Female
Blues-loving radio host with a deep and rusty voice.Male
The general of NRKs election magazines.Male
This man from Kristiansand was a Høyre-politician before he took charge at NRK from 2001 to 2007.Male
...Then, this man began his work.Male
From 1989 to 2001, this man was in charge.Male
Despite his education as a doctor, this man has been seen as a comedian in various NRK productions over the last decades.Male
Best known for his annual 'Påskelabirynten' at NRK P2.Male
Very hip dude from 'Topp 20'.Male
The everlasting guru with a strong passion for movies.Male
The voice of football broadcasted on radio.Male
News presenter. His brother is a liberal priest.Male
Bald Lyn-supporter known from 'Herreavdelingen' on radio and '20 Spørsmål' on radio and tv.Male
Pop-guru who has been hosting 'Beat For Beat' for several years.Male
She cooked on tv for many years.Female
Comedian who occasionally was seen as a sidekick in 'Hodejegerne'.Male
Channel host. Shares her last name with a clinical striker from Drillos.Female
The father of the K in 'KLM'. Legendary personality of the early days of TV in Norway. Appeared as 'Sjonkel Rolf' in 'Tittei Tei'.Male
The voice of 'Titten Tei'.Female
Host of 'Schrødingers Katt' from 2000 to 2005.Female
'Nitimen' and 'Søndagsposten'. Born in Ålesund.Male
Host of 'Gastronomi'. True legend, this one.Male
News presenter, appeared together with 87. at the first news broadcasting of this millenium.Female
Socialist news presenter.Male
Former actor in the soap opera 'Hotel Cæsar' at some other channel. Currently hosting the magazine 'I kveld'.Male
Annoying guy from 'Reperatørene' and as a sidekick in 'Sommeråpent'.Male
Annoying guy from 'E6'. Has worked for other broadcasing channels.Male
Sidekick from the early days of 'Først og Sist'.Female
Reached fame and glory with 'Kvitt Eller Dobbelt', before he went on to host horrible TV-shop concepts.Male
The christian artist who was hosting 'Lolipop' together with Tor Endresen.Male
The brothers in 'Radioresepsjonen' at NRK P3.Male
The first name of Kristopher Schaus brother, who is hosting the NRK P3 show 'FK Fotball'.Male
The former drummer of Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band, now hosting the music show 'Sexy' at NRK P3.Male
Legendary news presenter from NRK Trøndelag, known for his constantly dancing eyebrows.Male
This man starred in 'Olsenbanden' but was later on seen in 'Sesam Stasjon'.Male
This priest wrote the script to both 'Sesam Stasjon' and 'Portveien 2'.Male
Legend who was host of 'Utenriksmagasinet', later known as 'Urix'.Male

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