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QUIZ: Can you name the geographical terms that contain no other vowels than O?

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Sri Lanka's commercial capital
Capital city previously known as Christiania
City of the Red Square
Country that debuted at the World Cup in 2006
Well-known city name: there's one in the UK, the USA, Canada and... Kiribati
Island nation that became independent from France in 1975
Only African country not part of the African Union
Major city on the Iberian Peninsula
Longest river in Italy
Third-largest city in Poland
City in New South Wales, Australia
Capital city situated on 14 islands
Former European capital city
City whose skyline is dominated by the CN Tower
Largest city and former capital of Palau
River that is a bonus answer on the 'D Game'
River that flows through two countries we cannot call this way on Sporcle
Young country with disputed independence
U.S. city with the highest relative population growth during 2000-2006
City nicknamed 'the Athens of America'

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