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Does (...), geographically in Asia, qualify as a 'European capital' or not?
Does the country of (...) border two South American countries?
Should Sporcle allow the 5-letter short form (...) for this country?
Are countries like Ireland, Haiti and Timor-Leste also (...)?
Should (...) be considered a country, recognized by 70 UN members - though not by the country it declared independence from in 2008?
Is (...) a country, though not recognized by the UN or any major country?
Should (...) be considered a country, recognized by a lot of countries and the Arab League, but controlled by another country?
Do the two US States of (...) and (...) on the Great Lakes share a border or not?
Should the answer to what the capital of (...) is be 'None' instead?
Does the name of (...) contain the part 'City' or is it just added in speech to differentiate from the state?
Does the USA technically share a land border with (...)?
Debate questionDebate topic
Is (...) an island or not?
Should (...) (a non-sovereign territory) be accepted on the world's 25 largest countries quiz?
Does (...) count as a 'new country' being formed in 1990, or has it actually been the same country since 1949?
Should the pre-1995 English name for the city of (...) still be accepted on quizzes?
Does the city of (...) qualify as the largest city starting with an H in Oceania?
Should the European city of (...) be alphabetized under T or H?
How many words does (...), the North American capital have, one or more?
Should the city of (...) be considered part of the Los Angeles metro area (even though the US Census Bureau defines its own metro area)?
Is this quiz 'too (...)', in other words, too much about a certain country where the majority of Sporcle users is from?
Does this country have 0 neighbouring countries or does the causeway give it 1?
Boo! Why doesn't this quiz contain (...)?

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