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Can you name the commonest surnames in England starting with the letter 'A'

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People per hundred thousandSurnameClue/Hint
245.5Origin from Male name
174.4Male name with suffix 's'
123.8Origin from Male name with suffix 'son'
111.8Male name with suffix 's'
71.7Origin from Male name with suffix 'son'
69.2Male name
67.6Male name
62.2Nickname for a powerful man
61.9Head of a monastery
59.1Common town name ending in 'ton'
57.8Place in Lancashire ending in 'worth'
47.3An occupational surname ending in 'er'
45.2Male name
43.3Origin from Male name with suffix 'kins'
36.2Place in Yorkshire
35.8Origin from Male name with suffix 'cock'
31.5Includes results for E instead of A
29.2Male name
25.9Place ending in 'ridge'
25.5Origin from Male/Female name with suffix 'son'
24.7Place in Lancashire ending in 'worth'
24.6Place in Derbyshire
24.0Also includes results for E in place of A
23.5Common town name ending in 'ley'
22.8Origin from Male name
People per hundred thousandSurnameClue/Hint
22.3Place in West Midlands ending in 'ton'
21.7Town name ending in 'by'
21.6Town name ending in 'ton'
20.4Common town name ending in 'by'
20.4Place in Lancashire
20.0Place in Lancashire endin in 'ton'
19.0Origin from Male name with suffix 'son'
18.9Male name with/without suffix 's'
18.7Male name with suffix 'son'
18.7Place in Lancashire ending in 'ton'
18.0Male name
17.6Male name
17.4Place in Yorkshire ending in 'royd'
16.8Origin from Male name with suffix 'kin'
15.8Origin from Male name with suffix 'son'
15.7Dweller by trees
15.3Placename ending in 'croft'
15Origin from Male name with suffix 'cock'
14.9Origin from the name for a German
14.8Origin from Male name
14.8Male name
13.5Origin from Male/Female name
13.4Male name
12.7Place in Yorkshire

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