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Can you name the commonest surnames in England starting with the letter 'B'

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People per hundred thousandSurnameClue/Hint
670.0Dusky or dark shade of colour
269.3Cooking profession
248.2Elected Administrative Official
217.4Origin from Male name with suffix 'ett'
177.7Ringing device
166.6Farm Buildings
134.0Cow-house, herdsmans hut
121.9Domestic worker
112.2Manor House
112.1Common town name ending in 'ton'
110.1Strife, conflict, contention; struggle, turmoil
96.0Category of animal
95.2Rotund person
94.5Common town name ending in 'ley'
84.9Member of the clergy
82.1Freeman of a borough
81.6Town in Lancashire ending in 'ton'
78.9Town in Flintshire ending in 'ley'
78.4Village in Derbyshire ending in 'low'
77.3Origin from Male name with suffix 's'
75.9Tender of hair
74.9Tenant holding land in return for services
People per hundred thousandSurnameClue/Hint
68.0Structures built over obstacles
65.8Common town name ending in 'ton'
63.5Origin from Male name with suffix 'ett'
63.5Origin from Male name
60.9Origin from Male name
59.7Common town name ending in 'ley'
59.2Male animal
59.0Origin from Male name
58.4Female cook
58.0Slaughterer of meat
57.9Village in Lancashire ending in 'shaw'
57.5Natural slopes bordering water
55.0Town in Lancashire
54.2*Obsolete* darkest colour
50.4A Celt
46.1Common town name ending in 'den'
45.9Cornish for Hill
43.9Town in Yorkshire ending in 'ley'
43.6Town in Normandy ending french equiv. 'mountain'
42.1Town in Durham ending in 'bury'
41.6Origin from Male name
40.3Producer of beer
38.8Walls surrounding fortified city

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