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#10 In a few years later, after today After all the time has gone by Would each of us have become our own person and be living well
#9 If you feel lonely even you’re in love Then there’s something wrong
#8 I’m wandering unable to approach you Although I like you I’m looking elsewhere The more we try to get close The more our hearts grow further
#7 This sad melody resembles you It makes me cry eh eh Your scent is a sweet felony I hate you so much but i love you
#6 After time passes it’s nothing I thought I was briefly crazy It was love it was love Now that we’re here, I realize I loved her Words and behavior unlike me Heart that has a
#5 I can give you the world If only you come to me I can give you the world Just say it I’ll do anything for you yeah
#4 Memories come down when it rains, spreading pain Watching you as you get soaked Clear in that moment, wet with memories I think of you when you were beautiful in the rain
#3 Nothing comes even close To half of you It can’t fill me It doesn’t fill me up, yeah Just half If only I had just half of you Then I wouldn’t feel like this
#2 Again today, people Stay in the past The world goes on just fine Without me I’m still young so I Guess I’m still immature Why am I so stupid
#1 It’s alright if you run out of breath No one will blame you It’s okay to make mistakes sometimes Because anyone can do so Although comforting by saying it’s alright Are ju

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