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Can you name the religious words, terms or people that begin with 'Q' and 'R'?

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The concept of the soul or spirit beginning a new life in a new body after biological death.
The central religious text of Islam
Disclosure of some kind of truth or knowledge through communication with a deity or a supernatural entity.
Ancient Egyptian sun god.
A dead person's return to life
A teacher of the Torah and leader of a synagogue; from the Hebrew term meaning 'my master.'
The protagonist of one of the books of the Old Testament, one of only two books of the Bible to be named after a woman.
Forgiveness for past sins or errors, and saving from damnation and disgrace.
The ninth month of the Islamic calendar, observed as a month of fasting by Muslims worldwide.
Feeling remorse for past wrongs. Considered by many religions to be necessary for attaining salvation.
The Jewish New Year, and the first of the High Holy Days in Judaism.
Informal name for a member of the Society of Friends faith group.
The term commonly used to refer to the 16th-century schism in Western Christianity, initiated by Martin Luther, John Calvin, and others.
The ________ : a style often used as a prefix to the names of Christian clergy and ministers.
A set of activities involving gestures, words, and objects, performed in a sequestered place, and in accordance with a set sequence.
One of the two great epics in Hinduism, meaning 'Rama's journey,' in reference to Rama, an avatar of the supreme god Vishnu.
An Ethiopian-Hebrew spiritual movement that arose in Jamaica and the USA in the 1930's and revers the late Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie I.

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