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Can you name these athletes who won Olympic gold for the United States?

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Andre A_____Tennis player, 1x champion
Bonnie B____Speed skater, 5x champion
Bryan C___Decathlete, 1x champion
Gail D_____Track and field, 3x champion
Janet E____Swimmer, 4x champion
Allyson F____Sprinter, 4x champion
Florence G_______Sprinter, 3x champion
Eric H_____Speed skater, 5x champion
Andre I_______Basketballer, 1x champion
Michael J______Sprinter, 4x champion
Lenny K__________Swimmer, 4x champion
Greg L_______Diver, 4x champion
Misty M__Beach volleyballer, 3x champion
John N____Swimmer, 5x champion
Jesse O____Track and field, 4x champion
Michael P_____Swimmer, 18x champion
Kim R____Shooter, 3x champion
Picabo S_____Alpine skier, 1x champion
Jenny T_______Swimmer, 8x champion
Lindsey V___Alpine skier, 1x champion
Shaun W____Snowboarder, 2x champion
Kristi Y________Figure skater, 1x champion
Mariel Z______Fencer, 2x champion

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