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Classic Rock - 3 Letters
★ ___ Leppard ★ 
★ Snider of Twisted Sister ★ 
★ Rush singer Geddy ★ 
★ ___ Zeppelin ★ 
A removable cover 
Actress Lucy 
★ Reed of Velvet Underground ★ 
★ Wish ___ Were Here ★ 
That one there 
★ ___ Jovi ★ 
Electrically charged atom 
★ Gillan of Deep Purple ★ 
Punk Rock - 4 Letters
★ Black ____ (Iconic punk band) ★ 
Deception or trick 
Group of bubbles on a liquid 
Young horse 
'Black gold' 
★ Green Day drummer Tre ★ 
★ Sex Pistols drummer Paul ★ 
Wooden plug 
African head-cloth 
To look at 
An act or accomplishment 
★ ____ Kennedys (Iconic punk band) ★ 
Alternative Rock - 4 Letters
★ A Greek goddess, or an English alternative rock band ★ 
A settlement or agreement 
★ Faith No More singer Patton ★ 
To worry or fuss 
★ Arcade ____ ★ 
Collection of records 
Occupy to full capacity 
To refuse or reject 
Top of the head 
★ One of the Gallagher brothers ★ 
Extreme Metal - 5 Letters
★ An extreme metal sub-genre ★ 
Careless or loose 
An orderly pile 
Stiff or rigid 
Sirius and Vega 
Burns or scorches something 
Chairs and benches 
Qualifying races in athletics 
Open, uncultivated land 
★ An extreme metal sub-genre ★ 

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