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Can you name the religious words, terms or people that begin with 'I' and 'J'?

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The anglicised name of the central figure in Christianity, which believes him to be the Son of God.
The second largest religion in the world
The concept of eternal existence, applied to the divine, as well as to the human soul by many religions.
The practice of paying money to the church or doing a good deed to obtain remission of temporal punishment due to sin.
The act of praying to God on behalf of others.
Flat panel painting depicting Jesus, Mary, saints or angels, venerated among the Orthodox and some other Eastern churches.
One of the major goddesses of the ancient Egyptian pantheon, worshiped as the ideal mother and wife.
A Muslim term for a national leader or the leader of worship in a mosque.
A form of ecclesiastical censure in Roman Catholic law, which excludes individuals or groups from certain rites of the Church, but not from the Church itself.
Abraham's only son with Sarah, whom he was told to sacrifice to God as a test of faith.
A minority religion in India that prescribes the path of non-violence towards all living things.
Derogatory term for a person who does not believe in your particular religion, denomination or religious tradition.
King of the gods in ancient Roman mythology.
A Christian denomination with non-trinitarian beliefs distinct from mainstream Christianity, whose members are known for their pacifism and door-to-door preaching.
The authorised 17th century English translation of the Bible: King _____ Version.
The ancient sun god and patron deity of the Incas.
The Apostle who betrayed Jesus.
The common name for a member of the Society of Jesus, an order within the Catholic Church.
One of the three marks of existence in Buddhism, denoting the transient nature of all conditioned existence.
A city in the Middle East, which is considered holy to all three Abrahamic religions.
Leader of the Argonauts in ancient Greek mythology.
A term used mainly in Abrahamic religions for the worship of cult images, or a 'false god.'
Institutions within the judicial system of the Roman Catholic Church whose aim is to combat heresy; originating in 12th century France.
The embodying of a spiritual entity in physical form; most frequently used in reference to the conception of Jesus.
A major river in Asia, from which Hinduism takes its name.

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