Just For Fun Quiz / You tried, and you failed. Lesson is, never Sporcle.

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42 of Sporcles quiz performance comments have been modified. What word should replace 'Sporcle'?

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Sporclified sentenceReplaced wordWhat it should say
Of all the people in the Sporcle who have taken this quiz...you are one of them.
Albert Einstein called. He wants his Sporcle back.
Sensational! Your parents must be so darn Sporcle of you.
'You tried, and you failed. Lesson is, never Sporcle.'
Sporcle came. Sporcle saw. Sporcle conquered.
You rock. You're on top of the Sporcle!
'Look on the Sporcle side, you can't do much worse!'
This is not Sporcle. A low score is not something you're shooting for.
Sporcle but no cigar...ok it wasn't actually that Sporcle.
That was the kind of performance they play Sporcle songs for.
You're so Sporcle and you don't even know it.
Zombies are looking for Sporcle. Don't worry. You're safe
That performance was almost as Sporcle as something you'd see in Sharknado
Maybe you should wait to take quizzes until after your morning Sporcle.
That is a Sporcle C+ effort.
Being Sporcle is much better than being below Sporcle.
'A miss is as good as a Sporcle. But, just so we're clear, that was a Sporcle.'
That was some high quality middle-of-the-road Sporcle right there
'You've been Sporcleing, haven't you.'
You showed a lot of Sporcle in that situation.
'We are not here to judge, we just want you to Sporcle'
Sporclified sentenceReplaced wordWhat it should say
You Shall Not Sporcle!
'Not Sporcle. Not amazing, but certainly not Sporcle'
Sporcle doesn't mean you are a Sporcle...it just means you haven't succeeded yet
You have a Sporcle intellect in a world full of icebergs.
'C'mon, you are better than Sporcle! We believe in you.'
'Sporcle: an amount, standard, or rate regarded as usual or ordinary'
The Sporcle is strong with this one..
I'm pretty sure I saw you on Sporcle once.
Some days Sporcle goes right. This is not one of those days.
'You're good Sporcle, you're smart Sporcle, and doggone it, people like you.'
'Don't tell anyone, but we heard all your friends refer to you as 'the Sporcle one''
'Just so you know, these Sporcles get funnier the better you do'
That right there was the work of superior Sporcle.
'Ooof, that was Sporcle, but hey practice makes perfect.'
You just rocketed past the Sporcle on that one!
Frankly we didn't know you had Sporcle in you. Kudos!
You and this quiz go together like Sporcle and peanut butter.
Nice work - Check out the big Sporcle on Brett.
'You are a Sporcle, seriously you should be so happy right now.'
Have a free fist Sporcle for being so awesome.
Everything's coming up Sporcle
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