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World War I1919, included George, Wilson, Clemenceau, and Sonnino
Russo-Turkish War1878
Hundred Years' War1420,made Henry V (England) heir to Charles VI (France)
Post-World War I (between Allies and Austria)1919
Post-World War I (between Allies and Turkey)1920
Post-World War I (between Allies and Hungary)1920
War of the League of Augsburg1697
First Anglo-Burmese War1826
Second Balkan War1913
First Opium War1842
Austrian Succesion1748, Marie Theresa succeeded Charles VI; Silesia ceded to Prussia
Miami Indian Wars in Ohio1795
Removed Russia from World War I1918, Russia and Central Powers during World War I
Teutonic Knights Conflict, Poland1466,
Seven Years War1763
Hundred Years' War1360, England gained Aquitaine and Calais
First Balkan War1913
Polish Succession1735
American Revolutionary War1783
Spanish-American War1898
Angolan Civil War1994
none(Revised San Stefano)1878, led by Otto von Bismarck
War of the Third Coalition(Napoleonic Wars)1807,between Russia and France
Ended Napoleonic Wars1815, included von Metternich, Alexander I, Talleyrand, and Duke of Wellington
Texas Revolution1836
War of 18121814
War of the Devolution1688
First Indochina War1954, partitioned Vietnam, with scheduled 1956 reunification
War of the Pacific1883
Russo-Japanese War1905
War of the First Coalition (Napoleonic Wars)1797
Crimean War1856
Wars of Yugoslav Succession1995
Boer War1902
Post-World War I (between Allies and Bulgaria)1919
Greek Independence1829, enforcing Treaty of London
War of the Second Coalition (Napoleonic Wars)1802
Persian War449 B.C.E
Cherokee Wars1835
Mexican Independence1821
Thirty Years' War1648
Second Opium War1860
Spanish Succesion1713, includes Third Barrier, Baden, and Rastat Treaties; Louis XIV's grandson Philip V retained Spanish crown
First Sino-Japanese War1895
Mexican-American War1848

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