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Hard white cheese made from cows milk.(begins with A)
Twice-baked cookies often filled with almonds.
Grilled bread often topped with tomatoes and basil.
Savory turnover often filled with mozzarella and other pizza toppings.
Tube-shaped pastry of fried dough filled with cream.
Dry-cured cold cut made from pork shoulder or neck.
Long, round, fruit with a purple skin.
Flat thick noodle often served with alfredo sauce.
Creamy, frozen desert similar to ice cream.
Small brown nut also known as a filbert.
Italian word for 'salad'. Caprese is a common type.
Flat, narrow pasta close to spaghetti.
Moist, semi-soft white cheese often found on pizza.
Small mediterranean fruit from which oil is made.
Rice-shaped pasta made from semolina flour.
Dry, cured meat similar to bacon.
Cylinder-shaped pasta. Derived from the italian for quill.
Meat- or cheese-filled pasta, from the italian word for 'to wrap'.
Creamy dish of rice and meat or vegetables.
Cured, fermented, air-dried sausage.
Famous dessert made of biscuits dipped in espresso and topped with cream and cocoa.
Ring-shaped pasta typically filled with a mix of meats.
Fruiting fungus that grows underground.
Whipped custard made from eggs, sugar, and wine.

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