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two types of ------ called hardwood and softwood
3D printing prototypes
How easy a material is to work
the six points designers should consider during designing of a product
improving the look of a product
Used to make accurate 2d and 3d designs
Materials made of more than one other material
Two types of ----- Ferrous and Non-ferrous -----
Extra bits to make certain materials look nice.
thinking about the way we design something, for example what is appropriate at that time
the different types of production scales.
properties of a material
making a product environmentally friendly
two types of -------- Thermoset and Thermoplastic
An original and well recognized design
The study of how people and things interact
measuring people to get measurements of products
Using computers to make your products
checking a product meets the need of the user
Used to join materials
Outsourcing main components so you only have to put them together
process of creating products
perception of a product based on what we see
An early model of a product
------ and ----- materials are reactive materials.
When nature inspires someone for a design
the process of design
Rules you have to follow in a workshop
Mixtures of different elements

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