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What are organisms with cells that contain nuclei?
What are organisms that make their own food?
What surrounds a plant's cell membrane?
What are the green jelly-bean shaped organelles that produce a plant's food.
What are the sac-like organelles that store water for a plant?
What plant reproduction phase are spores produced in?
What stage does the plant produce sperm and egg cells during?
CO2+H2O+light=C6H12O6&O2 is an equation for what process.
What type of plant has no vascular tissue?
What type of plant has vascular tissue?
A nonvascular plant that grows very close to the ground and sometimes grows on other plants.
A nonvascular plant that forms a thick crust on moist rocks by streams.
Nonvascular plants that grow hornlike structures.
A nonvascular plant that has a true stem and spores on the underside of its leaves.
Vascular plants that are like miniature pine trees.
Vascular plants that are tall canes with jointed stems.
Wind, water, and animal are three ways this process is completed.
This structure is how most plants reproduce.
The seed structure that stores food for the seed.
The underground parts of the plant that collects water and minerals and anchors the plant.
A root system that is many roots spreading out.
A root system that is one big root going down.
The big stalk that supports most vascular plants.
The part of a stem that forms the 'wood'.
The part of a stem that transports minerals upward.
The stem on flowers, not woody.
A stem/trunk that is made of wood.
The structures on plants that collect sunlight and conduct photosynthesis.
The tiny 'mouths' on the bottom of leaves that control gasses coming in and out.
Palmate, pinnate, and parallel are patterns of what?
What is the type of plant with 'naked' seeds?
What are cone-bearing plants.
What is the type of plant whose seeds are usually covered in fruits?
What part if a flower supports the anther?
What part of the flower holds pollen?
What is made up of the filament and anther?
What are the colored parts of a flower that attract pollinators?
Whats grains contain the sperm cells?
What is the female part of the flower?
What contains the ovules in a flower?
What contains the egg cells in a flower?
What are the reactions to things like light called?
What is the tropism of reacting to light?
What is the tropism of reacting to gravity?
What is the tropism of reacting to touch?
What is an angiosperm that lives 1 year?
What is an angiosperm that lives 2 years?
What is an angiosperm that lives 3 or more years?

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