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Can you name every character in LEGO Dimension?

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Forced Order
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Legends of ChimaThe crocodile guy
Back to the Future'Great scott!'
E.T. the Extra-TerrestrialThat bad Atari game
The LEGO MovieSome kind of cat-unicorn hybrid
Sonic the HedgehogSANIC
GhostbustersHot dog eating ghost
DC Comics'Why so serious, Batsy?'
Back to the FutureMichael J. Fox
DC ComicsBasically Robin hood, but more literal
Adventure TimePurple cloud of lumps
Legends of ChimaThe eagle girl
GremlinsThe name is lines on like, a shirt?
Lord of the RingsA dwarf
The LEGO MovieLiam Neeson
The LEGO Batman MovieBatman with a sword.
Midway ArcadeA kid who plays games
The Simpsons'Eat my shorts!'
Doctor WhoThe 'next step' in human evolution
Adventure TimeVampire queen
Lord of the Rings'My precious!'
The LEGO Batman MovieBatman, but not a man.
Adventure TimeThe Dog
NinjagoThe female samurai
NinjagoLightning ninja
The GooniesThat really wierd lookin' guy
DC ComicsPrincess Diana
DC ComicsGuy who consumes venom
Adventure TimeThe Human
Knight RiderHas a really weird last name. Semi-titular.
Doctor WhoWho?
Mission: ImpossibleTom Cruise
GremlinsThe Mogwai
The LEGO Batman MovieDick Grayson
DC ComicsCalls The Joker 'Mr. J'
The LEGO MovieThe Special
Lord of the RingsThe only one with 'LEGO' in his name
Jurassic WorldChris Pratt
NinjagoFire ninja
DC ComicsMan of Steel
NinjagoThe master ninja
Ghostbusters(2016)Melissa McCarthy
Harry PotterDaniel Radcliff
DC ComicsSuperman, but not a man
Scooby-Doo!The dog.
Lord of the RingsA wise wizard
DC ComicsWas also in Teen Titans(NOT Robin)
Harry PotterHe-who-must-not-be-named
DC ComicsThe Dark Knight
Legends of ChimaThe lion guy
NinjagoIce robo-ninja
GhostbustersBill Murray
NinjagoGolden ninja
The SimpsonsThe clown
The LEGO MovieNOT a DJ
Fantastic BeastsEddie Redmayne
PortalThe fat test subject
Jurassic WorldAsset Containment Unit Trooper
The Simpsons'D'oh!'
Wizard of OzThe one that died
The A-TeamMr. T
GhostbustersGiant marshmallow guy
Scooby-Doo!'Zoinks, Scoob!'
NinjagoEarth ninja
Fantastic BeastsKatherine Waterston

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