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Can you name the OZ Season 1 deaths?

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Who took them down
Killed by Dino Ortolani
Killed by Johnny Post
Cancer took her out
Killed by the Italians
Neck snapped by Jefferson Keane
Executed by lethal injection
Executed by lethal injection
Hung by Simon Adebisi
Killed by Huseni Mershah
Who took them down
Stabbed by Donald Groves
Executed by firing squad
Killed by Ryan O'Reily and Simon Adebisi
Died from Alzheimer's disease
Stabbed by an unnamed inmate in the riot
Shot by the S.O.R.T. Team
Shot by the S.O.R.T. Team
Shot in the head by S.O.R.T.
Shot 3 times by C.O. Diane Wittlesey

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