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Who did we see walking up Derby Road first?
Who did we see walking up Derby Road second?
On what level of LOTR The Return of the King should you avoid being Gimli?
Title of the female bike ride leader?
Title of male bike ride leader?
Mr Woffinden's version of Park Life
What hurts?
What equipment was used in the Danielle McDermott challenge?
Who is the ginger orb that blinds us?
What was invented in 1976
Who is Daft's Mii?
According to Aid, what country is pointless?
What accompanied us home on the backseat?
What is the Elvish word for friend?
Ulfric who?
What did Alex Richards find?
Give one of Jon's nicknames
Give one of Jon's nicknames
Give one of Jon's nicknames
Who is acid girl?
Reece's masterpiece video
Where did Alex Richards spit?
Fill in the missing lyrics (type lyrics to continue)
____ know way too many people here right now that ____ didn't know last year
I bet that ____ look good on the dancefloor
This is how ____ do
If you're having girl problems ____ feel bad for you son
Although no one understood ____ was holding back the flood
Yeah, yeah, ____ bring the stars out
____ live a very, very, very wild lift style
Look at ____ he been a cheeky man
You should let ____ love you, let ____ be the one to give you everything you want and need
All ____ do is win, win, win

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