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Can you name the Characters in Neuromancer from their lines?

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Zone shows a percentage. You I let work here for entertainment value.
I was there, Case; I was there when they invented your kind.
You seem to be clean, old son
Pleased to meetcha, I'm sure..I'm doing some hardware for your boss, it looks like.
Why'd you pull that scene at the arcade? I had to mess up that rentacop came after me with nunchucks.
Chaos, Mr. Who....that is our mode and modus. That is our central kick.
Sister, time, it be time, ya know what mean?
You do a taste. If your pancreas passes on it, it's on the house.
Tonight....I would like to perform an extended piece for you. A new work.
Kuang Grade Mark Eleven is haulin' ass in nine seconds...counting, seven,six, five...
The Artery is intact...
How I do wander. Through the cold. But soon no more. I'd ordered a Jane thawed, when I woke.

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