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Can you name the characters who speak hese lines in the movie Auntie Mame?

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For nine years, Mame Dennis Burnside, I have done everything in my power to protect this boy from your idiotic, cockeyed nincompoopery
Exclusively what, restricted to whom?
I lived!
Mame, we're wiped out
Do you know what that silly nephew of yours did Mrs. Burnside. He spoke FRENCH to a waitress at Schraffts.
He's coming here? In the Middle of the Night? God, that moon's bright
I just Duesenberg...Missy Gooch no bring back
I got this recipe from a bartender I met in Havana. You'll never guess the secret ingredient. I'll give you one hint: there's no sugar
We were just playing Fish Family
Now Mrs. Burnside, I hope you don't think of me as a vulture!

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