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How well do you know your Disney movies?

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A mermaid tail
In what movie did a child's father die because of his uncle?
In what movie did a girl want to start her own restaurant?
Long flowing hair
Snow 'Let it go'
Genie Lamp
Who played Genie's voice in the movie Aladdin?
7 dwarves
A sharp spindle
Reindeers are better _____ _______
The snow glows _____ __ _____ mountain tonight
Part of ____ ________
Lady and the _____
A glass slipper
A wooden boy and a whale
An elephant with big ears
A rabbit, mad hatter, queen of hearts, and a whole deck of cardsmen
Minnie and ______ ________
We're off to Neverland
Just a spoonful of _____ helps the medicine go down
Doors that lead to the human world (collect those screams)
Toys that come to life (Andy)
Would you change your fate, would you? (bears)
I'm gonna wreck it
A robot that was left on Earth
The sky is falling the sky is falling
Masks and Red outfits with an 'I' on them (superhero family)
A girl cuts her hair and goes to fight in her fathers place
Who went to the underworld to save Meg

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