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Which Beatle sings 'Here comes the sun'?
What are the Beatle's names?
Which picture are the Beatle's best known for? (think road)
'Let me tell you about a revolution... well you know we'd ____ ____to______the______'
True or false did the Beatle's try to buy a greek island?
Let __ ___
True or false did the Beatle's put everybodies name on the music even if they weren't the ones who wrote it?
Which Beatle is the best?
What was the Beatle's first album?
Where did the Beatle's break up?
In what year did the group break up?
What is Ringo Star's real name?
Who did John Lennon marry?
Obla __ _____ ___
How many of the Beatle's are still living?

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