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Which number apartment do Haley and Nathan live in?
Who does Peyton buy at the Boy Toy Auction?
What does Mouth 'scare the hell out of' ?
Which song does Haley sing for her first performance at Tric?
What is the real name of 'Psycho Derek'?
Which band is mentioned the first time Lucas and Peyton talk?
What song does Haley try to hide from Nathan, before it is played at the formal?
What relation is Cooper to Nathan?
Who duets the theme song with Gavin DeGraw in season 5?
What does Karen mistakenly call Fall Out Boy?
Which medical condition do Lucas and Dan both have?
What happens to Peyton whilst listening to Only Fooling Myself?
In 'Resolve', what do Nathan, Skills and Mouth do to get some extra money?
In which season does Brooke start her clothing line?
What colour is Peyton's prom dress?

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