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What is Mulan's dog called?
With all the force of a...
What does the matchmaker first tell Mulan off for?
What does Mushu say when Mulan shoots the mountain?
What is Mulan's horse called?
Mysterious as the...
Must be swift as...
What does Mushu do to distract Chien-Po, Ling and Yao when Mulan is washing?
Who says 'You don't meet a girl like that every dynasty' about Mulan?
What year was the film released?
What is Shan Yu's response to 'Now all of China knows you're here'?
With all the strength of a...
What is Li Shang's excuse for visiting Mulan?
What is the name of the dragon voiced by Eddie Murphy
What does Chien-Po wish he knew how to do?
What type of animal is Shan Yu's companion?
What does Mulan use to defeat Shan Yu the second time
What animal does Mushu ride while giving Chi-Fu fake war instructions?
What does Grandma Fa give to Mulan for good luck?
What fake male name does Mulan pick for herself?

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