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Forced Order
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Which member of Torchwood met the Doctor first? (In the Doctor's timeline, not the regular timeline)
The Torchwood team always orders what food?
In some bloopers, John Barrowman's phone goes off and its ringtone is what?
What is the first alien Gwen comes into contact with?
Who died and was brought back to life?
How is Owen killed (the first time)?
What remnant of the Tenth Doctor can be found in Jack's office?
In 'Cyberwoman', what does television program does Rhys ask Gwen to video for him?
The second glove was buried in/under what?
What 'Doctor Who' actor/actress guest starred in a few episodes of 'Torchwood'?
In which episode does Rhys temporarily join the Torchwood team?
In 'Captain Jack Harkness', what year are Jack and Tosh transported to?
Which member of the team attempted (but failed at) suicide?
Which member of Torchwood was in prison before joining the team?
Where did Ianto work prior to Torchwood in Cardiff?
In 'Everything Changes', Jack says he will never do what again?
What item precious to Jack does the alien try to destroy in 'Day One'?
What is the name of the girl possessed by the alien in 'Day One'?
Which members of the team appeared in 'Doctor Who' together?
The shapeshifter takes the place of whose mother at Rhys and Gwen's wedding?
Who is a licensed medical doctor?
In 'Everything Changes', who stole the device that brings things back to life?

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