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In which episode is River Song first introduced?
Which of the following does the Doctor NOT think is cool? Fez, bow tie, stetson, monks, glasses
What does Mickey call Jack when they first meet?
In 'The Impossible Astronaut', what does the Doctor say he was looking for instead of the Oval Office?
What color do the Gelth appear as?
In 'Army of Ghosts', what group is in the void ship?
Which actor was the first to be listed as 'The Doctor' in the end credits?
Which of the following actors or actresses have NOT appeared in the episodes of more than one Doctor? Arthur Darvill, John Barrowman, Billie Piper, Karen Gillan
What is the first new series episode to feature a dalek?
Who is the Impossible Girl? (surname)
Which Doctor first faced the Weeping Angels? (spelled out)
Which Doctor enjoyed playing on the Wii?
In which episode did Sarah Jane Smith and K-9 reappear?
What are the creatures in the Motorway called?
What does Jackie name the baby boy?

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