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Name Heroes of the Storm characters by their selection quotes.

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QuoteHero's name
'Selama ashal'anore!'
'Cheers, luv, the cavalry's here!'
'For the Frozen Throne!'
'Our time has come!'
'Glory to the Horde!'
'Ready for adventure!'
'Iza jinjō ni shōbu!'
'The crusade calls!'
'My hatred is unending!'
'Let's save some lives!'
'So it begins...'
'Hell... it's about damn time!'
'Ready for action!'
'Ready to roll out!'
'There is always hope.'
'Ytar, guide my path!'
'We will forge a great destiny!'
'Tremble before me!'
'Oh, this is my jam!'
'Make way for da bad guy!'
'This realm needs me.'
QuoteHero's name
'Let the games begin.'
'My blades are yours.'
'I stand ready.'
'I bring the mega-death!'
'Anyone ordered a one-man wrecking crew?'
'Frostmourne hungers...'
'Change... is upon us!'
'The apocalypse has come!'
'Chaos comes!'
'Where will we end up this time?'
'I bring panda-monium!'
'Victory for the Forsaken!'
'I hear the call.'
'It is time...'
'Here. We. Go!'
'The wait is over.'
'I hear and obey!'
'I will fight to my last breath!'
'Let's fly!'
'From order, comes justice!'
'The Swarm endures!'
'Elune, grant us strength!'
QuoteHero's name
'Fight time!'
'Gilneas will rise again!'
'Here we go again!'
'I play to win!'
'The hunt is on!'
'The Light abandons no man!'
'I'm here to help!'
'I serve!'
'___ wants to play!'
'Wait until they get a load of me...'
'I hear the call of the wild.'
'All shall suffer!'
'I will not be denied!'
'Locked and loaded!'
'___, ready for duty!'
'Reckoning is at hand.'
'I heed the voice of Elune.'
'Death... is beyond your reach.'
'Logical decision.'
'Anytime you're ready!'

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