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Forced Order
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Keeps firing off clichés with startling precision like a sniper using bollocks for ammunition
You're never sensitive or tickley. When I rub you my skin goes prickley
Except terminal illness or sudden accidental death
He likes going to pubs but he hates it when the music's too loud
So now if I'm feeling randy I'm not allowed a hand shandy. But having sex with my family is just f*cking great
My daddy made a dinosaur with balsa wood and glue
I can develop my brooding potential. If pain's what you want in a man, pain I can do
I worked very hard for a rock n roll face. I've got the kooky contact lenses and the girly mascara
So if you don't eat pigs and we don't eat pigs, why not, not eat pigs together?
Only a ginger can call another ginger ginger
Your love is like finger nails on a chalkboard
The force created by its spin is the force that stops the chaos flooding in
I'm not trying to be ironic or sarcastic. Do something drastic
And he also says I'd deal with anger better if I wrote about myself in a poem or a letter
Today's the day the bears are having a rave
I really like Christmas
And sh*t the words “Tim is God” on my ex-girlfriend’s Hyundai
They don't have a greed or a lust at the Singapore Zoo and Tim Roth isn't spelt with a W
I could have a serious nut allergy and be shipwrecked on an island with a crate of Snickers bars, a jar of Nutella and a fresh baked pecan pie
And although I explained that it wasn’t my fault I’ve a five hundred buck fine for aggravated assault
I guess I never knew how fast a little mole can grow on you
I've been having quite a problem recently, which is quite disturbing musicalically
I will give you my piano, one of my legs, and my wife
Well I really think that I would have somebody else
He’s out sleepwalking, as is his habit. Engaged in apocalyptic discourse with this freaky six-foot rabbit
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