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Can you name the Minecraft Mobs by a description?

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tall and skinny. has inverted vision
a mob that you can ride that has secret zombie and skeleton versions
explodes and was born from a coding bug in pigs
undead mob that attacks villagers and players.
can be built and occasionally spawn in villages
a snowy character that can be built and gets hurt by touching water, being in a desert, or being in the nether
possible leader of the endermen. first boss in the game
causes a deadly explosion when hit. technically shouldn't be a mob
a mob that secretly still exists in minecraft
is the only hostile mob that can be built, and is the 2nd boss
hostile undead archers that burn in sunlight
taller version of a certain mob that always spawns with a black sword
only passive flying mob
an undead version of the first idea for villagers
giant octopus like flying creatures
a flying mob that has spinning rods around itself
an easily frightened mob that can be tamed
a tame able mob that will fight for you
these long-nosed characters can be traded with
the only mob that lives in water
the newest mob. angers endermen and will not be officially released until 1.8
a special version of a mob that appears when it is struck by lightning
an arachnid that lives underground and comes from web-covered spawners
an arachnid that is deadly at night but neutral at day and can be ridden by skeletons
a mob that uses potions to attack you and defend against you
a passive mob that gives wool when killed or sheared
a passive mob that gives beef when killed
a ride-able mob that can be killed for meat
the only bird in minecraft that some people mistake for a duck
a strange mob that only spawns on a mushroom island
an arthropod that climbs into blocks
a slimy mob that comes in a few sizes and splits into small versions of itself when killed
a molten monster that splits into plates when it jumps, revealing a core of lava. also splits into smaller versions of itself when killed

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