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Brother Bear (2003)
Human brother 
Human brother 
Brother bear 
Canadian Moose 
Canadian Moose 
Shaman Woman 
Wise Old Grizzly bear 
Echo... 'No, you shut up!' 
They argue about acorns 
Home on the Range (2004)
Prize Show Cow 
Yellow cow 
Black cow who wears a purple hat 
Yellow birds who are the black cows conscience 
Horse's Best Friend 
Negative Goat 
Pink trio 
Pink pig with black ears 
Self-centred horse 
Owner of the Little Patch of Heaven 
Bounty Hunter 
Villain's Buffalo 
Willie Brother 
Willie Brother 
Willie Brother 
Secondary Villain (business man) 
Flirtacious Bull (after yellow cow) 
Flirtacious Bull (after Show cow) 
The Princess and the Frog (2009)
Prince's parents are the King and Queen of... 
Prince's brother 
Royal valet/ manservant (villain) 
Spoilt Girl (Miss La Bouff) 
Spoilt Girl's dog 
Spoilt Girls Father (Eli La Bouff) 
The Shadow Man 
Blind voodoo priestess 
Voodoo Priestess' pet snake 
Firefly's love interest 
Trumpet playing alligator  
Heroine's Mother 
Heroine's Father 
Heroine's friend (asks her to do dancing) 
Real estate agents (Duo) 
Frog Hunter (Short) 
Frog Hunter (Big, Fat) 
Frog Hunter (hands deformed) 
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